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Teotihuacan 3D

1.1 usd

The only authorized app. by the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) !The Teotihuacán 3D Guide shows an incredible virtual tour of the ancient splendor of this “City of the Gods”.
Discover the colors and the original aspect of the pyramids which have been reconstructed using information and hints from books and internationally renowned archaeologists.
The entire archaeological site has been totally reconstructed, even the pyramids still buried !
Use the 3D magic to obtain an aerial view of the city.
The Teotihuacán 3D Guide includes interesting texts about the different sightseeing monuments of this architectural wonder of the pre-Hispanic world.
You can also find information about the history of Teotihuacán and the current research that is being carried out in the archaeological site.
It also contains practical information such as opening times, prices, phone numbers and important links, existing services within the site, directions, etc.
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